Solar Solutions

Design Development and Construction of Solar Power Plants

The Sun is the largest source of energy on Earth, therefore this energy can be used in various ways, such as: heat, electrical, mechanical or chemical energy.

Solar energy is clean, renewable and its use does not disturb the balance of both matter and energy flow in nature. Solar energy is used in individual households but also to increase the energy independence of companies in many branches of economics.

Octagos Solutions renders complete design development services, equipment delivery and construction of solar power plants. The equipment we use is that of world-renowned manufacturers

We erect small solar power plants on house roofs and on larger industrial plants, hall roofs, as well as on the ground.

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems can be used for land irrigation, drinking water supply, water ponds purposes, as well as in all other places where water is needed. Apart from drop by drop irrigation system, the system can also be used in tank systems.

In addition to solar power supply, it can optionally be used at other sources as well, such as at distribution network or a generator. These systems can power a wide range of single-phase and three-phase motor pumps. We offer pump power supply systems of up to 75kW, and depending on the irrigated culture, the systems can irrigate the surface up to 50ha. The profitability of such investments lasts between one and three years.

Solar OFF grid sistems

Solar OFF grid sistems are intended for dedicated power supply of facility consumers. Our systems are hybrid and can be replenished either by a generator or network in the event of solar energy failure in the winter. The advantage of these systems is that one portion of energy is instantly distributed to consumers, thereby bypassing the batteries, after which the battery life is prolonged.

Optionally, systems may incorporate remote communication. We also offer smaller power supply systems, such as lighting, TV, refrigerators, as well as larger power supply systems for most consumers in the facility.

Solar ON grid sistems

Solar ON grid sistems are intended for commercial application purposes or sales of generated electricity to Electricity Power Distribution Company. Completely generated electricity is distributed to electricity distribution network. We offer solar power plants ranging between 1kW and MW.

Apart from classic network systems, there are also combined network systems where one portion of energy is consumed on its dedicated consumers, and surplus energy sold. Furthermore, one portion of energy can be accumulated in batteries and used at night. The equipment we use is that of world-renowned manufacturers.

Lithium hybrid batteries

We present you with the revolutionary solution called lithium hybrid batteries. This is an intelligent, integrated and efficient power management system, where surplus energy is stored in batteries to be used later at night so as to power consumers. By using our hybrid system, you can also use over 80% of generated solar energy to power your dedicated consumers. In this way, you will save money and thus minimally depend on electricity distribution network. Therefore, you can power one part of the consumer in the event of electricity supply failure by electricity distribution networks.

Wind Turbines

Vertical and horizontal wind turbines for ON grid and OFF grid applications. We offer horizontal wind turbines of Southwestern South America and vertical wind turbines of the US company Urban Green Energy. These wind turbines feature exceptional quality, low wind speed and low noise at work. They can be used both for electricity generation at home systems and for commercial purposes.

Solar portable systems

Energy availability where there is no electricity network. You do not depend on expensive fuel.

Octagos Solutions offers solar solutions and possibility of installing assembly- disassembly solar systems on larger and smaller trailers and their targeted use in irrigation.

Tracker portable systems

In order to increase the efficiency of the solar system, we offer tracker portable systems. The portable system is able to monitor the position of the sun and therefore constantly turns the panels towards the sun. In this way, the efficiency of electricity generation can increase up to 50% compared to the fixed system. This increases the water pump efficiency. Therefore, by using the portable system, we get the maximum water flow from the submersible pump from early hours of the morning until late evening.

Video surveillance and communication with solar system

In order to protect solar systems at a distant location we have configured the video surveillance system with integrated alarm system.

The camera is fitted with integrated motion sensors, brake sensors, temperature changes, pressure changes, and is intended for day and night mode. Camera is in a standard sleep mode. In the event of setting up, for instance, a motion sensor, camera will send images to the mobile phone, mail, web portal via GSM network. In addition, the location itself can include an additional warning siren.

Also, the user can optionally communicate with the solar system and remotely monitor system operation.

Solar Sanitary Water Heating Systems

Solar sanitary water heating systems are the real way of saving energy. Heat energy generated by solar collectors is transmitted via glycol to the boiler. When the temperature in the collector reaches the temperature that is higher by 5ÂșC compared to the boiler, the solar automatic system triggers circulation pump operation and, therefore, performs glycol circulation in order to exchange heat.

Since the system includes glycol, the possibility of freezing in winter conditions is prevented. Solar systems with vacuum and plate collectors manufactured by Bosch and Weser are available, and systems can either be smaller ones with one solar collector, or larger ones fitted to commercial systems.