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Octagos Solutions

Octagos Solutions DOO is a young company which within its wide scope of the activities it performs that range from general trade, import and export, logistics and consultancy focuses on projects related to renewable energy sources, especially on the energy we receive from the sun and the wind.

Due to immense opportunities in our market, regional market and globally, we see our potential for development and successful business if we go in that direction. Large and small enterprises are in need for additional energy, and there is also a need in the sphere of agriculture as well as in our households. Solar energy is the right response to these demands, and Octagos Solutions offers solutions to the challenges that we will be facing.

In addition to providing superior solar equipment, Octagos Solutions provides services in the area of consultancy, design, installation and maintenance of solar systems and together with its clients it bravely heads towards the future where pure energy will absolutely dominate.


Our profile


Our mission is to offer our clients the highest quality service in the area of business in which we operate. We believe that quality service and delivery speed are crucial for acquiring long-term clients.


Our vision is to become a leading company in our sphere of business, so that our employees, suppliers, competitors and investors regard us as the No1 Company in the region.


To face the challenges of modern technology and respond to market needs.


We create solutions based on customer requirements. This requires research, commitment to complete the task and continuous improvement.


Our products operate at the highest possible level. Not only that their superior performance satisfy our clients’ needs, but they also enrich our lives.


We have been working hard on developing and building long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees.